A new cell; one recently released into the peripheral blood from the bone marrow.
See: reticulocyte
[neo- + -cyte]
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Stevenson was Executive Director of the NeoCyte joint venture between San Diego's Advanced Tissue Sciences and Smith & Nephew, a global healthcare firm.
1) Joint venture contract revenues include sales of Dermagraft(R) and TransCyte(R) to the Dermagraft Joint Venture at cost, and reimbursement for research and administrative expenses incurred by the company on behalf of the Dermagraft and NeoCyte Joint Ventures.
In the orthopedic area, our main focus is on developing tissue-engineered cartilage for articular resurfacing of the knee joint through our NeoCyte Joint Venture with our partner, Smith & Nephew.
ATIS and Smith & Nephew have also decided to dissolve their NeoCyte joint venture to develop human cartilage and postpone the preclinical trials that were upcoming.