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v to deal or bargain with another or others to bring about an agreement or settlement.
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oversight board and at the EU Commission, extremely experienced and skillful negotiators are pulling the strings.
I became a hostage negotiator because I thought there was an alternative to firearms,'' he says.
National office staff and church negotiators had no illusions back in November of being home free once they'd penned the accord.
A talented negotiator thoroughly assesses the strengths and weaknesses of his or her position before commencing any bargaining session.
But much of the success of great negotiators comes from a complete attentiveness to the process of the deal.
It can also help protect a negotiator from surprises, even from folks he has dealt with many times before.
This approach, described by one negotiator as "an elegant solution," could reduce developing country concerns over sovereignty, improve carbon stock accounting, and buy developed countries some time to develop innovative industrial technologies to reduce emissions.
The process requires extensive preparation in addition to knowledge and common sense; the negotiator has to be clear about where the parties are in the process and what is required for a successful outcome.
The negotiator no longer has to focus on the outcome, which may be a long way off.
We told them (Japanese negotiators) we do not recognize the list and so they should not use it as the basis for negotiations," the newspaper quoted a Chinese negotiator as saying.
21) Israel's consistent aim has been to reconceptualize the Palestinian 'problem' into an issue to be negotiated bilaterally; or, as PLO negotiator in Oslo, Maher El Kurd, noted, to transform it merely into an "internal" Israeli issue.
Harmonica Hank" was a skilled negotiator who used situations to his advantage and shifted ground well.