negative reinforcement

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negative reinforcement

a form of behavior modification in which the removal of something after an operant (behavior) decreases the probability of the operant's recurrence.


1. having a value of less than zero.
2. indicating lack or absence, as coagulase-negative or Brucella-negative.
3. characterized by denial or opposition.

negative feedback
negative reinforcement
in animal psychology the stimuli which produce withdrawal, immobility, aversion, escape.
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Escape from the demands of a difficult task or relief from an undesirable situation are types of negative reinforcement for a social behavior.
A negative reprimand, on the other hand, might seem like negative reinforcement, but it could have positive consequences upon the student's behavior.
Worse yet is that subjecting employees to sustained negative reinforcement has more long-term damaging affects than the occasional outbursts or over-reactive responses.
College women may be driven by associated positive and negative reinforcement in their behaviors and attitudes, particularly as these actions and feelings relate to the risk of eating disorders.
Despite all of the evidence that positive rather than negative reinforcement is more effective at eliciting changes in behaviour, the UK Government has sought to tackle anti-social behaviour through a punitive approach.
The prevention focus has been associated with negative reinforcement because these individuals are in a state of vigilance to assure safety from aversive stimuli in attempts to reach their desired end state.
We can't change the motives of our employees, but through positive or negative reinforcement, their actions can be affected.
Negative reinforcement, as a regular diet, is extremely counterproductive, he adds.
Real-time negative reinforcement taught you right now that hot objects cause pain.
When employees have been properly trained and the conditions are such that the work can be done correctly, this type of negative reinforcement is necessary.
We can be lured into using negative reinforcement as a coaching technique - if my team is not winning, then I need to yell louder.
The caregiver might consider establishing a program of positive and negative reinforcement for the angry elder, i.

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