negative predictive value

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negative predictive value

A numerical value for the proportion of individuals with a negative test result who are free of the target condition—i.e., the probability that a person who is a test negative is a true negative.

neg·a·tive pre·dic·tive val·ue

(neg'a-tiv prē-dik'tiv val'yū)
The probability of a negative test result indicates the absence of an analyte or a specific disease.

negative predictive value

The proportion of people whose test results are true negatives and who are truly disease free.

predictive value

a measure used by clinicians to interpret diagnostic test results. See also sensitivity, specificity.

positive predictive value
the probability that a patient with a positive test result really does have the condition for which the test was conducted.
negative predictive value
the probability that a patient with a negative test result really is free of the condition for which the test was conducted.
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There were two primary endpoints of this study, one was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of CRP against blood culture to determine the neonatal sepsis and secondary end-point was to determine the negative predictive value of CRP in determining the duration of antibiotics in neonates presenting with sepsis.
In our study sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and diagnostic accuracy were 89.
The sensitivity of present study correlates with Makkar et al [15], and Zaki et al [16] while negative predictive value also correlates with Zaki et al [16] and Makkar et al.
For Mp, there were acceptable diagnosis values in the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value in both age ranges.
Despite its excellent negative predictive value in the Zeisler et al.
Petersen and his associates used already-published data from the United States, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands that documented the positive and negative predictive values of various imaging methods used alone or in tandem as well as the impact of each method on additional testing, delays while testing proceeds, and eventual patient outcomes.
The positive predictive value was 50% and 62%, whereas its negative predictive value was80% and 65% for group A and B respectively.
All but one of the 25 scans read as negative were confirmed negative by histopathology, for a negative predictive value of 96%.
The sensitivity specificity positive and negative predictive value of ANA for photosensitivity malar rash oral ulcers and discoid rash is given in Table 2.
At one illustrative cut point, the score would have reduced the number of biopsies by 41%, with a negative predictive value of 97%.
The composite prognostic index score in the first study predicted the likelihood of labor within 12 hours while maintaining a significantly high negative predictive value in 78 patients between 24 and 34 weeks of gestation who were admitted with PPROM over a 2-year period, according to Dr.
Under the company's pivotal US clinical study, the APPY1 Test performed with negative predictive value (NPV) of 97.

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