negative phase

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neg·a·tive phase

the period during which the opsonic index is lowered following the injection of a vaccine.
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It was a maximum negative phase wave located at the latency range from 100 to 250 ms.
Neutral phase of IOD phenomenon is expected to prevail in the monsoon season, however, ENSO is expected to remain in negative phase during coming autumn/early winter season.
Tenders are invited for Supply fitting and commissioning of negative phase sequence relay at bhowra power house.
In its positive phase, the AMM generates uncommonly warm SSTs in the northern tropics and lower midlatitudes and cool SSTs in the southern tropics, strengthening Atlantic hurricanes; the negative phase, with cool SSTs in the north and warmer waters in the south, stifles cyclones.
Figure 7 shows a complete inner sphere that has a positive phase, and two spheres of negative phase cut open to show that inner sphere.
The 'Three-Month Outlook', issued in late October, noted that, "El Nino moderately increases the probability of the positive phase of the NAO in late autumn and early winter and the negative phase of the NAO in late winter.
One can manage the protection settings for Group Phase Overcurrent (OC), Negative Phase Sequence (NPS), Earth Fault (EF) and Sensitive Earth Faults can be managed through auto reclose mapping, protection curves and directional element configuration.
For instance, when it's in its negative phase, cold air is typically bottled up in the East, freezing cities from New York to Boston.
In this way, any two consecutive sampling points are connected by line segments and where to draw a line from one sampling point, the next sampling point is required, appeared delay in system, accordingly the negative phase will be increase and may make the system unstable.
Negative group velocity, and consequently NGD, is an example of abnormal wave propagation phenomena, which also include superluminal [1], backward wave propagation (negative refractive index [2]), and simultaneous negative phase and group velocity [3].
When the oscillation is in a negative phase, high-pressure cells push colder air toward the mid-latitudes, triggering colder temperatures and heavy snowstorms.
A negative phase triggers high pressure over the Arctic and low pressure at mid-latitudes, which makes the Arctic zone relatively warm, but spills cold Arctic air southward to places like the U.