negative feedback loop

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neg·a·tive feed·back loop

(neg'ă-tiv fēd'bak lūp)
A process in which a change from the normal range of function elicits a response that opposes or resists that change.
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Negative feedback loops with MDM2 and ATM can explain p53's oscillation behavior after DNA damage, Galit Lahav of the systems biology department at Harvard Medical School in Boston and his colleagues reported in the May 9 issue of Molecular Cell.
Given this negative feedback loop, a global construction slowdown appears to be with us for the foreseeable future.
While earnings reports have come in better than expected, investors are concerned that gains from refinancing, profitable trading, and tax changes will not be sustainable and that the negative feedback loop of the worsening economy will lead to rising defaults in safer loans and credit cards.
We are extremely concerned about the global economy and the negative feedback loop on cyclical industries such as Machinery.
California's unfavorable market rules have created a negative feedback loop in which the inability of ESPs to offer substantial value above default service provided by utility incumbents results in adverse media coverage and poor public perceptions regarding customer choice.
At the core of this performance lie positive and negative feedback loops, many involving Ca2+ entry through the light activated transient receptor potential channels TRP and TRPL.
The consequences would probably include "financial fragmentation in the euro area, dampening real activity and restarting negative feedback loops between the real economy, the banking sector and public finances in vulnerable countries.
10) He speaks of negative feedback loops acting as a break that stops the system from falling into scarcity and instability as the result of overuse: (12)
Major themes include positive and negative feedback loops, development as a dynamic exploratory process, internal and external constraints on child development, and links between different areas of development.
These concerns are particularly relevant in view of the large size of the Cypriot banking system, which may produce negative feedback loops between financial sector and public debt.