negative feedback loop

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neg·a·tive feed·back loop

(neg'ă-tiv fēd'bak lūp)
A process in which a change from the normal range of function elicits a response that opposes or resists that change.
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Many cellular stress-response pathways contain negative feedback loops with multiple ultrasensitive motifs embedded along the feedback loops to enhance signal amplification (Zhang and Andersen 2007).
Now, however, there are two negative feedback loops at work, falling nickel prices both deterring stainless buyers and cutting costs at marginal producers.
The results provide insights to possible contagion risks through cross-border negative feedback loops between sovereigns and banking sectors in Europe that help explain the severe impact of the crisis.
Maruyama apparently was the first to devise a specific technique that can utilize both positive and negative feedback loops for analysis of complex situations.
Looking at the resulting networks, the researchers found that each of the development plans corresponded to one of three network characteristics: Many feed-forward loops, at least one negative feedback loop or interwoven loops of both types.
We believe Greece is caught in a spiral of collapsing growth, missed fiscal targets and demands for further austerity, which have a negative feedback loop to continued depression.
He continued: "One day the negative feedback loop on the real economy will halt the ascent of stock and bond prices and investors will look around like Wile E.
There must be a recapitalization of the weak banks, with preferably a direct link between the European Financial Stability Facility(EFSF)/ESM and the banks, without going through the sovereign, in order to break the negative feedback loop that we have between banks and sovereigns.
At that point, the trouble grabbed widespread attention, destroyed public confidence, and set in motion a negative feedback loop.
Because forests play such an important role as a carbon sink, their destruction threatens to create a negative feedback loop that would spur even hotter temperatures--and further forest loss.
This response highlights an element of this negative feedback loop which is its weakness, that is, union representatives are reliant on cooperation from management to make positive changes in health and safety (c.
That negative feedback loop would slow warming from greenhouse gases.