negative cooperativity

neg·a·tive co·op·er·a·tiv·i·ty

cooperativity in which successive ligand molecules appear to bind with decreasing affinity.
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These sites exhibit negative cooperativity and, as a result, only one molecule of [T.
These weaker interactions with the second binding site are consistent with the negative cooperativity between these sites that is observed with [T.
While many complex reaction networks do not satisfy the MM assumptions and hence do not exhibition M-M behavior in their concentration profiles, the M-W-C equation has limitations such as the inability to portray negative cooperativity among multiple enzyme-substrate systems.
argentatum, negative cooperativity inhibits the chain transfer reaction across a wide range of FPP concentrations, a property possessed in far less degree by H.
argentatum rubber transferase, with its intrinsic property of negative cooperativity, is more likely to produce high molecular weight rubber in a wide range of genetic backgrounds (i.