needle holder

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needle holder

a surgical forceps used to hold and pass a suturing needle through tissue. Also called suture forceps.
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Jarit sternal needle holder


1. a sharp instrument for suturing or puncturing.
2. to puncture or separate with a needle.

acupuncture n's
stainless steel needles with silver-plated handles 0.5 to 1 inch long, which are inserted into tissues at those points on the skin surface which are considered relevant to the problem being treated.
aneurysm needle
one with a handle used in ligating blood vessels.
aspirating needle
a long, hollow needle for removing fluid from a cavity.
aspiration biopsy needle
a needle to which suction can be applied in order to withdraw a core of tissue from a solid organ.
atraumatic needle
surgical needles with suture material fused to the end, which is less traumatic to tissues then suture doubled back through the end of a needle. See swage (2).
blunt-point needle
a noncutting, blunt-pointed needle used in general surgery and for suturing liver and kidney. Needle pricks are less likely. This is an issue in modern surgery on humans.
needle burr
a needle used as a cannula, as for introduction of an intravenous catheter or for passing a suture thread.
cataract needle
one used in removing a cataract.
discission needle
a two-way needle or cannula which permits flushing and aspiration of liquid cataract material. See also discission.
needle driver
see needle holder (below).
needle feeling
the sensation perceived by the operator when the insertion of an acupuncture needle reaches the acupuncture point.
needle grass
Stipa spp. Called also spear grass.
Hagedorn's needle
a form of flat suture needle.
needle holder
a strong scissor-type instrument used to hold a suture needle while pushing it through tissue. The handles are ratcheted and have to be squeezed to release the needle. The face of each blade is grooved so that the needle will not twist or swivel while being driven. The natural action is for a right-handed surgeon.
hypodermic needle
a hollow, sharp-pointed needle to be attached to a hypodermic syringe for injection of solutions.
knife needle
a slender knife with a needle-like point, used in ophthalmic operations.
ligature needle
a long-handled, slender steel needle, having an eye in its curved end, used for passing a ligature underneath an artery.
needle puncture
puncture of a mass, tissue or fluid accumulation in order to relieve pressure or to collect sample for field or laboratory examination.
reverse cutting needle
a curved cutting needle with the cutting edge on the back of the curve rather than on the concave surface.
Rosenthal needle
used for aspiration of bone marrow.
round bodied needle
a noncutting surgical needle used for suturing tissues that separate easily such as intestine, liver, lung and fascia. Called also taperpoints.
spatula needle
a flat, rather than round, special cutting needle for ophthalmic work.
needle stick injury
accidental puncture of the skin by needles while in use or as a result of inappropriate disposal with the risk of introducing infectious agents.
stop needle
one with a shoulder that prevents too deep penetration.
tape needle
a special, heavy duty needle with a palm-fitting handle, for sewing with tape.
tapercut needle
a suture needle with a flattened shaft, so that it is three times as wide as it is thick, and a point which has a gradually diminishing triangular cross-section, a cutting point. Modern design has a circular cross-section and a short cutting tip.
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The company was known for colorful advertising items including needle holders, playing cards, checkerboards, trade cards and catalogs.
We examined the chemical and physical composition of reusable and single-use needle holders and scissors (four items).
In my head, I went over all the names of the instruments (forceps, hemostats, clamps, scissors, needle holders, scalpels, probes, pickups, etc.
Our team of skilled craftsman use the latest technology to turn raw materials into a portfolio of instruments and even the simplest pair of scissors or needle holders go through the same series of rigorous processes and checks as the most complex and delicate ENT instruments to ensure they are worthy of the job they are intended for and the Downs brand," he added.
Alligator-style scissors, needle holders, knot pushers, spreaders, and cup-style forceps are individually protected on the system's "pullout" shelf.
The room to the right had a massive table and chairs, where a lady gave instructions on making leather purses and needle holders.
In response to the letter in March 2003 MLO, under the heading "More Education Needed," the reader was talking about the impossibility of disposing of needle holders.
When turned over, the recesses on the bottom of ScrubSafe accommodate the safe passing and picking up of curved suture needles loaded in a variety of needle holders and forceps.
The children make scissors, forceps, needle holders, scalpels, speculums, and clamps.