necrotic zone

necrotic zone (nəkrot´ik),

n one of the four microscopically identified layers of a necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (NUG) lesion. The necrotic zone comprises decomposed tissue and bacteria, including many spirochetes.
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2) This is classically described as the bone marrow oedema pattern with central focal low-intensity necrotic zone.
A big attention is now paid to cell therapy [6], its mechanisms may be uncovered due to the study of cell populations in necrotic zone, demarcation zone and intact zone [8].
Search out relations in qualitative and quantitative characteristics of infiltration in necrotic zone, demarcation zone and intact zone.
During the autopsy samples of cardiac muscle 1 cm 3 in capacity were cut from the centre of necrotic zone (LV-1) and demarcation zone (LV-2).
In comparing of quantitative rates (comparison on medians) of cells infiltrates in necrotic zone (LV-1) in AMI and RMI the following relationships were determined.
Thus, the most frequent quantitative distinctions are observed between necrotic zone and demarcation zone and also between necrotic zone and intact zone.
Golf ball-sized reddish-gray nodules resembling tubercles with a central gray necrotic zone were detected in the lungs.
Surgery revealed a perforated necrotic zone in the mid-portion of the appendix; there was no visible faecolith and the lumen was not obstructed.
Histologically, there was a necrotic zone followed by a hypocellular zone.
Magnetic resonance imaging data showed that at 5 days after the treatment the necrotic zone of the infarct was significantly reduced by 58% with FX06 and the total zone of the left ventricle affected by the ischemia was reduced by 21% (not statistically significant).
T2-weighted images are best for detecting small cystic peripheral extensions and for defining central necrotic zones.
Mummified remnants of individual necrotic cells could be identified in the necrotic zones adjacent to scattered viable lesional cells (Figure 3).