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In some species the dead, necrotic areas are pale white to tan, in others they are brown and they may be black (eg in Populus spp.
6: Microscopic findings (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification x400) demonstrated viable seminoma cells (arrow) in the necrotic area of the left testis.
Wound surface was covered with crut including blood clot with fibrin, inflammatory cells and necrotic tissues debris.
Affected birds had necrotic lesions on the nonfeathered skin of the head and feet.
A rather large incision permits access for surgical instruments used to physically remove as much necrotic tissue as possible--ideally, up to 90%.
Given TNT's high specificity for necrotic tumor cells, TNT antibodies make excellent delivery molecules for a wide variety of anti-cancer killing agents.
Edematous and erythematous areas became necrotic throughout the medial aspect of the upper arm over the deltoid and latissimus muscles and down the flank.
The placental alkaline phosphatase (Dako, Santa Barbara, Calif) showed strong specific membrane staining of the larger necrotic cells, definitively identifying them as seminoma cells (Figure 3).
1] cells and rat thymocytes and that overexpression of bcl-2 impaired both the apoptotic and necrotic actions of the metal.
During a rigid endoscopic nasal examination, a small necrotic area was identified on the right medial orbital wall, and the middle turbinate was found to be diffusely ischemic.
Surgical intervention demonstrated a white clot from aortic bifurcation down to the right common iliac artery and the superficial and deep femoral arteries, surrounded by necrotic tissue and enlarged inguinal nodes.