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Mean Neck shaft angle calculated on immediate postoperative radiographs is 136.
Quotation are invited for Uncemented Total Hip Replacement:Fully Hydroxyapatite coated 155 microns proximal horizontal distal macrostructure stem, with 12/14 articuleze mini taper neck shaft angle 135 degree, Stem length 115-165 mm and offset 38-43 mm, Stem mattalurgy - T16A14V (Forged Titanium Aluminium vanadium alloy), Cup with sub hemisphere shape 165 degree metallurgy- T16A14V with porous coating 250 microns with coating thickness 0.
13) Coxa vara is defined as a femoral neck shaft angle of less than 120[degrees], coxa valga as an angle of greater than 140[degrees] average femoral neck shaft angle ranges from 125[degrees] to 131[degrees].
Proximal femur geometry including neck shaft angle has been identified as a risk factor for hip fracture, which is related to mechanical strength of the femur.
Analysis of the Anteversion and Neck Shaft Angle in Dry Femora of South Indian Origin [Dissertation].
Coxa valga was also evident on imaging, with a neck shaft angle of approximately 163[degrees] (Fig.
So the neck shaft angle remains maintained and the varus malunion resulting from ender nail alone and any other implants can be prevented.
The Turon is the first total shoulder system to incorporate the company's proprietary IMIN[TM] (Intrinsic Modular Indexable Neck) technology, a patented clocking feature that provides the ability to dial in the humeral neck shaft angle position.
Postoperatively check X-rays done, assessed for the position of the screw, nail, neck shaft angle and the fracture reduction.
It is also named as Neck Shaft Angle (NSA), Angle of neck of femur, angle of inclination, collodiaphyseal angle, cervicodiaphyseal angle and collum diaphyseal angle.
The problem is to maintain or reconstitute the neck shaft angle.
In view of this, we believe, most important technical aspect of this surgery is maintaining the proper neck shaft angle and placing the lag screw in inferior portion of the head.