neck disability index

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neck disability index,

n in chiropractic medicine, parameter used to monitor the progression of a patient throughout the treatment period. Specifically, this questionnaire evaluates changes in a patient's function and measures a self-evaluated disability as a result of neck pain. Each of the 10 items receives a score from 1 to 5; therefore the maximum score that can be attained is 50. It is recommended the questionnaire be administered at the initial point of contact. At least a five-point change is needed to determine a development or progression in therapy that is clinically meaningful. Also called
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La disabilita, valutata con il Neck Disability Index, subisce cambiamenti molto significativi in entrambi i gruppi che migliorano dopo il trattamento poi peggiorano a 2 mesi ma con valori sempre piU bassi di T1.
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BPPT = Brachial Plexus Provocation Test, ES = effect size, NDI = Neck Disability Index, PCI = Pain Coping Inventory, PPT = pain pressure threshold, SD = standard deviation, TSK = Tampa Score for Kinesiophobia, VAS = visual analog scale.
425 VAS: Visual analog scale, F: Female, M: Male, [degrees]: Degree, NDI: Neck Disability Index, NHP: No ttingham Health Profile Values show mean[+or-]SD
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