cervical collar

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a type of orthosis worn around the neck for support and stabilization. See also cervical orthosis.
cervical collar cervical orthosis.
Chandler collar a neck brace made of soft felt.
four poster collar a rigid brace with four upright rods to support the neck and reduce motion; it has chin and occipital supports.
Philadelphia collar a rigid, adjustable neck brace.
Philadelphia collar. From Dorland's, 2000.
An encircling erythematous rash affecting the 2nd and 3rd cervical nerve roots of the trigeminal nerve in reactivated varicella-zoster

cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.

cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.
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Participants said that wearing the neck brace had little effect on visualization of the mirrors or instruments.
Police said that the man was in a wheelchair and wearing an orthopaedic neck brace as he prepared to board a flight from the southwest city of Cali to Panama.
Fuher is keeping Beat's outfit a secret, but considering how he'll whip around North America in December--with gigs in Chicago as well as New York, plus an RSVP cruise--"possibly a neck brace," he cracks.
No wheelchair or neck brace, no escape plan or hospital arrest.
OLYMPIC gymnast Beth Tweddle shared an update on her injury situation showing her training without a neck brace for the first time.
A YOUNG footballer was rushed to hospital in a neck brace after coaching staff and players were attacked towards the end of a match.
But after almost three months in a neck brace she has now been given the all clear - and has revealed how she can't wait to get her gloves back on.
Amateur Paul O'Neill, badly injured in a fall while schooling last November, had his neck brace removed in the Mater Hospital yesterday.
But Miranda suffered minor injuries in a car accident recently and has had to wear a neck brace.
Mulgrew and Hearts goalkeeper Jamie MacDonald - stretchered off wearing a neck brace - both recovered well from the early collision.
Simon will now have to wear a neck brace for three months.