near infrared

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near in·fra·red

(nēr in'fră-red)
Range of light that is closest to visible light with waves ranging between 700-1500 nm.
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Near infrared spectroscopy to diagnose experimental testicular torsion: Comparison with Doppler ultrasound and immunohistochemical correlation of tissue oxygenation and viability.
The team injected these antibodies into 10 mice and exposed them to near infrared rays once every four weeks for a total of four times.
This technique is considerably more cost effective than the incumbent solution of adding near infrared blockers to the bulk PC.
The superior signal-to-noise ratio produced by the near infrared dyes produces results not possible with traditional fluorescence-based imaging systems.
Quantity or scope: Acquisition of a spectrometer Fourier transform near infrared NIR () and equipped probe (s (s remote))
Some dark nebulae become virtually transparent in the near infrared, revealing swarms of newborn stars embedded inside.
The mapping was carried out by observing the spectrum of mercury ions over a wide wavelength region from the far ultraviolet to the near infrared.
At this weeks SPIE Photonics West, imec will present a new set of hyperspectral sensor and camera solutions with extended spectral range, going from the visible light (VIS) up to near infrared (NIR).
Hubble's recently revived Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrograph covered about half that area for UDF.

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