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As evidence of this, low socio-economic class was closely correlated with fatal or near fatal asthma in a South African study; asthma mortality was highest over weekends, when access to care was poorest.
1] <80% predicted; diurnal PEF variability >20%) * One or more urgent care visits for asthma in the last year * Three or more oral steroid bursts in the last year * Prompt deterioration with <25% reduction in oral or inhaled corticosteroid dose * Near fatal asthma event in the past At least one or both major criteria and two minor criteria.
A study published in 1994 that examined a possible link between beta- agonists and increased risk of death from asthma concluded that the medication itself was not responsible for asthma deaths, but rather the greater use of beta-agonists was principally a marker for more severe asthma, which itself was associated with an increased risk of fatal or near fatal asthma.