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Also, it has been reported that fatigue of intrinsic foot muscles could result in more navicular drop and thus more foot contact (30).
Esterman (2005) used the arch index (Cavanagh 1987) (20), an older footprint based technique, and Jung et al 2011 used a relaxed calcaneal stance position of >4 degrees {which is 1 degree less than the value required by Redmond (2009)--and a navicular drop of >13mm to diagnose 'pes planus'.
During dynamic situations, the results show that none of the dancers obtained navicular drop values greater than 1.
Research Report Navicular Drop Measurement in People With Rheumatoid Arthritis: Interrater and Intrarater Reliability.
The navicular drop test was performed after marking the navicular prominence with the subject sitting in a chair and the feet on the ground (non-weight-bearing) in neutral subtalar position.
Another aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between MTSS and the pronation indicators such as medial longitudinal arch deformation and navicular drop.
A navicular drop test, such as the Brody's technique, is commonly used to measure pronation at the subtalar joint.
Also, those with a larger navicular drop (a measure of arch flattening when bearing weight) were 3.
3) in separate studies revealed that navicular drop test is related to MTSS and this syndrome is more prevalent in females.
56) However, subjects in the current study fell within normal values for navicular drop, which is estimated to be between 6 and 9 mm.
Recent results also showed that neuromuscular electromyostimulation reinforcement (NMES) of MLA muscles may decrease the navicular drop (Fourchet et al.
16) confirma que este mecanismo se activa durante la extension pasiva de la primera articulacion metatarsofalangica, y que durante la marcha, en la activacion del mecanismo de Windlass se produce una inversion del calcaneo y que en pies con medializacion del ASA y Navicular Drop positivo, como muestra Aquino y cols.