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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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About Nautilus Hyosung America The Nautilus Hyosung America vision is to continually create automated financial products and solutions and maximize the convenience, accessibility and trust of their customers by leveraging their creativity, technology, speed to market and people.
Geoff Loudon, Chairman of Nautilus noted: "Firstly, I wish to formally thank Steve for his hard work and dedication over the last six years, four of which were spent in the role of President and CEO.
The female nautilus deposits her egg cases singly on coral reefs in shallow water--keep in mind that 30 metres is "shallow" to a nautilus.
4, 1957, Nautilus logged 60,000 nautical miles, matching the endurance record of the fictionalized submarine Nautilus, from Jules Verne's 1870 novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.
Moving IFN-beta towards an IND in 2006 is an important step in our strategy of becoming an integrated drug discovery and development company", said Nautilus VP Strategy, Paul Martin.
The Columbian reported that the recall news release from CPSC happened to be issued on the same day that Nautilus released its fourth-quarter and year-end earnings report.
Last year, researchers took their first look at a nautilus embryo--in an egg laid by a captive female.
Nautilus Hyosung is a financial systems integrator from the Hyosung Group.
The Virgo investment will allow Nautilus to further secure our robust position within the distributed solar development industry and gives us more flexibility to design, construct and manage our own assets while capturing growing demand," said Jim Rice, CEO of Nautilus Solar Energy.
During the past year, Nautilus has strengthened its management team and Board of Directors, developed its lead products, successfully applied its protein engineering technology to new programs and closed long-term agreements with key partners.
With Nancy's experience and track record of improving profitability and driving growth, she is the ideal choice to lead our North American operations," said Nautilus Hyosung President and CEO Hyun Sik Sohn.
Using its protein evolution technology, Nautilus has designed, generated and tested in vitro a series of proprietary variants of hGH.