natural products

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nat·u·ral pro·ducts

naturally occurring compounds that are end products of secondary metabolism; often, they are unique compounds for particular organisms or classes of organisms.
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The University of New Hampshire Organic Dairy Research Farm and other members of the Natural Products Trail are doing great work to encourage these industries, and I look forward to working with them to foster their continued success and growth in New Hampshire.
In this proposal we will develop methodology for the synthesis of two types of closely related natural products which have wide-ranging biological activities including: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumour and herbicidal activity; but whose biological activities have not been fully evaluated.
The award ceremony took place at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore.
Our Botanical Research Centers Program has been a unique driver of research on natural products for 16 years," said ODS director Paul Coates.
While the majority of promising marine natural products are isolated from invertebrates such as sponges and corals, it is now clear that most of these metabolites are produced by microbes associated with the host invertebrate.
Both parties will concentrate on screening ChromaDex's natural product libraries against certain biological assays and tumour models with the intent of identifying high value, potentially patentable natural products for specific therapeutic indications.
Chapter 3 discussed the most useful NMR techniques in determination of chemical structures of natural products.
of Jerusalem, Israel) presents 15 review articles in the field of the chemistry of natural products (i.
Being recognized for the growth of Natural Products Expo West and SupplyExpo is a direct result of the efforts of our whole team.
KNOWN FOR DECADES AS THE MECCA OF THE NATURAL and organic products industry, a new twist on the natural products movement is brewing in Boulder.
Penton Media's New Hope Natural Media (Boulder, CO) division, the producer of the Natural Products Expos and the publisher of such magazine titles as "Natural Foods Merchandiser" and "Nutrition Business Journal," has acquired the Kosher World Conference from Shows International (Westlake Village, CA).
This is giving a boost to North Carolina's struggling farm economy and building the regions natural products industry all at the same time.

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