natural products

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nat·u·ral pro·ducts

naturally occurring compounds that are end products of secondary metabolism; often, they are unique compounds for particular organisms or classes of organisms.
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The award ceremony took place at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore.
With the Powers appointment, Solix adds a well-respected natural products and dietary supplements expert to support its strategic direction.
Our Botanical Research Centers Program has been a unique driver of research on natural products for 16 years," said Paul Coates, PhD, ODS director.
While the majority of promising marine natural products are isolated from invertebrates such as sponges and corals, it is now clear that most of these metabolites are produced by microbes associated with the host invertebrate.
Chapter 3 discussed the most useful NMR techniques in determination of chemical structures of natural products.
of Jerusalem, Israel) presents 15 review articles in the field of the chemistry of natural products (i.
Based on its historical contributions to Boulder's economy, the Naturally Boulder Task Force convinced Frank that the natural products business sector was worthy of the city's attention and support.
Medicinal Herbs for Commerce also works closely with the NC Natural Products Association, a non-profit education and research organization supporting NC's natural, products community.
Consumers may choose natural products because the ingredients seem safer for the animal.
Unigen is a leading natural products research and development company and proprietary ingredients supplier.
And an even larger percentage of the world's people rely on natural products for their primary medicinal needs.
While attending a session entitled "State of the Industry--Supply Side," at the Natural Products Expo East, we suddenly realized that The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is way ahead when it comes to accurately predicting some future trends.

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