optimal pitch

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op·ti·mal pitch

(op'ti-măl pich)
The frequency of vocal fold movement that allows optimal resonance with least vocal effort.
See also: habitual pitch, fundamental frequency
Synonym(s): natural pitch.
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The business also has a sports division specialising in all aspects of artificial and natural pitch construction, from initial concept through to design and build.
Bournemouth will have three training sessions at Dubai Sports City's outdoor natural pitch from 10am to 11.
But the falsetto-rich pop confections of Valli (played by John Lloyd Young, who originated the role on Broadway) and the Four Seasons would seem a higher register than Eastwood's natural pitch.
A natural pitch can be used on average 250 hours a year whereas an artificial grass pitch can be played on 7 days a week.
When it is finished, La Plata's state-of-the-art construction will be unusual for having both a roof and a natural pitch.
He's not the worst out there but is prone to sounding like he is trying to talk in a voice that is a few notes lower than its natural pitch.
I admit there's no substitute for stroking the tango about on a natural pitch that's perfect all year round and top-flight football should always be played on the real thing.
The first phase of the programme saw more than 160 clubs nationwide benefit from new floodlighting, natural pitch improvements, new3Gartificial pitches and development work on changing rooms.
A couple of the various areas drawing greatest interest are 1) fiber development: due to the significant swings in energy costs; 2) management and control of stickies, hot melts, and waxes: with the increase in use of recycled fiber; and 3) natural pitch, with new technologies proving effective in the management of pitch, such as enzymatic treatments.
Unfortunately for clubs like Tranmere Rovers that are strapped for cash, but desperately need to reduce maintenance costs and find new revenue streams, we cannot afford the better quality hybrid or a top quality new natural pitch.
The natural pitch of the voice is its keynote, or governing note.