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Operating pipelines at high pressure and low temperature can lead to natural gas hydrate formation, even with modest water content.
8], as it is the heavy hydrocarbons which run into the natural gas hydrate.
The body of the book devotes each chapter to a specific type of petroleum deposit and the extraction techniques: tight-sandstone oil and gas, coalbed methane, shale gas, carbonate-fracture-cavity reservoir, volcanic deposits, deposits in metamorphic rocks, heavy oil and bitumen, and natural gas hydrate.
The main objective of this project is to investigate the natural gas hydrate formation characteristics of Qatari type gas in both experimental (PVTx) and computational (molecular simulations).
said Thursday they have set up a new company to transport solidified natural gas, or natural gas hydrate, in a safer, cost-saving manner.
In 1997, DOE began formulating a multi-agency natural gas hydrate research and development program.
said Thursday it has developed a method of efficiently producing natural gas hydrate (NGH), paving the way for low-cost, massive transport of natural gas.
Volume 3 contains papers on energy materials and processing technologies, and energy chemical engineering, discussing areas such as thermal fatigue resistance of liquid fuel, and a new additive kinetics model of natural gas hydrate.
These complexes are most famous for the vast deposits of natural gas hydrate in marine sediments offshore on the continental margins, and under the permafrost in the Canadian Arctic and elsewhere.
The planned natural gas hydrate (NGH) technology is expected to become practical in fiscal 2008, Mitsui Engineering said in a joint report with such concerns as Osaka University and the National Maritime Research Institute to an international study forum in Tokyo.
Gaseous fuel coverage includes reviews of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, methanol and dimethyl ether production, water-gas shift technology and natural gas hydrate conversion.
A sampling of specific topics includes: geophysical exploration techniques and methods for gas hydrates, seismic indicators of natural gas hydrate and underlying free gas, vertical seismic profiles, marine controlled-source electromagnetic and the assessment of seafloor gas hydrates, infrared imaging, evaluation using borehole logs, and a resonant column study of the seismic properties of methane-hydrate-bearing sand.
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