natural dyes

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nat·u·ral dyes

dyes obtained from animals or plants; examples include carmine obtained from cochineal in the dried female insect Dactylopius coccus of Central America, and hematoxylin extracted from the bark of the logwood tree Haematoxylon campechianum in the Caribbean area.
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The women then spin the wool into a yarn before dying it in natural dyes," explains Dawood Jabarkhyl, chairman of the FBMI centre in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Natural dyes were also used to enhance spices imported into Europe during the 16th century.
The dyes used for the reinterpreted Kunbi sarees are grown in a forest between the borders of Maharashtra and Goa and developed by a Maharashtra-based company that deals in natural dyes.
The Altadena textile artist and costume designer had briefly experimented with natural dyes years before, but the sight of the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino on her first day of volunteer work there in 1992 set her imagination in motion.
This book brings together all aspects of natural dyes.
European trade further stimulated an interest in natural dyes, so that along with textiles there was active competition for these, particularly for indigo.
Specialists in the various aspects discuss such topics as color illusions and the human visual system, predicting responses to color, color specification and visual approval methods for textiles, understanding and forecasting color trends in design, the history from natural dyes to high performance pigments, and color in food.
Samina Ali Akhtars art work reflect unique elements on a juxtaposed surface of woodcut, calligraphy, natural dyes, stains, gold and silver leaf with powerful compositions and fine details.
All of the wools used in our production are dyed in our studio using natural dyes of plant origin.
While colour is the essence of Holi, the skinfriendly natural dyes used a decade ago have now been replaced by synthetic dyes that have toxic effects.
Then we are doing one part which is the eco-friendly part where we have used natural dyes in basically tones of green and this kind of brown, grey and then we finally go on to this Bossa Nova (new trend) style of Brazilian music.

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