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An unfolded protein can fold spontaneously into its native structure, based on the primary sequence.
But there are general--that is, generalizable--answers to the other two parts of what he considers the protein folding problem: what factors speed up protein folding, and what factors contribute to the stabilization of the native structure.
This technology allows the antibodies to be designed to conform to the native structure of the protein, resulting in a more specific and sensitive antibody that has a higher success rate in various assays and applications.
The new process developed by Upfront removes the need for harsh heat treatment or clarification steps, which means that the native structure of the protein is preserved while costs are significantly reduced.
The single tryptophan of Cro F58W is preceded by a cis-prolyl peptide bond in the native structure, Upon refolding a hyper fluorescent species is formed which decays with a rate characteristic of proline isomerization.
The native structure of T/L makes them have limited ability to self-repair.
The native structure should have a better score than plausible decoy structures.
Medicago's VLPs mimic the native structure of a virus, allowing them to be recognized readily by the immune system without the core genetic material, making them non-infectious and unable to replicate.
This allows the production of antibodies generated against the protein's native structure, rather than traditional methods that produce antibodies to synthesized surrogates.
This method allows the production of an antibody generated against the protein's native structure, as opposed to standard methods that use a synthesized surrogate.
DB2 Viper adds management of XML data in its native structure to DB2's existing relational data management capability, helping clients manage and access data across an SOA with unprecedented flexibility and speed," said Bernie Spang, director, IBM data servers.