national service frameworks

national service frameworks

A range of documents issued by the UK Department of Health which outline national targets, standards and service models for a specific service or care group, providing guidance and defining clear quality requirements for health and social care based on the best available evidence of which treatments and services work most effectively for patients with specific diseases, or which strategies are most effective in reducing ill health. The frameworks’ strengths lies in their breadth, having been developed in partnership with health professionals, patients, carers, health service managers, voluntary agencies and other experts.

National Service Frameworks
• Cancer
• Children, young people and maternity services
• Coronary heart disease
• Diabetes
• Mental health
• Renal disease
• Older people

National Service Frameworks

; NSFs UK nationally agreed standards of service delivery for specific care groups or diseases, to ensure nationwide consistency of service access and care quality
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Service shall encompass Primary Healthcare in accordance with National Service Frameworks and Joint Services Policy, which concerns healthcare assurance based on the NHS Standards, and Occupational Health services in accordance with MOD guidelines.
Department of Health, Local Authority Social Services Letter: National Service Frameworks.
I have asked my officials to take forward this work at once and build on progress made in line with the existing Mental Health National Service Frameworks for Adults and Children and the Mental Health Promotion Action Plan.
It is meant to be a companion text to Care of People with Diabetes from 2003 and draws information from the UK's National Service Frameworks for Diabetes and Care of Older People and Australia's Department of Human Service Standards.
She leads on National Service Frameworks and Health Frameworks and has a supporting role in Primary Care Development.
He was co-chairman of the first of the national service frameworks (NSFs) on coronary heart disease.
The national service frameworks, which set clear, nationally-agreed standards for certain areas such as heart disease, diabetes, mental health and elderly people, have led to improvements in care.
National Service Frameworks (NSFs) are guidelines to remind all of us in the NHS of the best way to treat and prevent illness.
If it is then contact me and I will give your names to the people in Social Services who are setting up consultation groups in readiness for the new National Service Frameworks for People with Physical Disabilities, which will be implemented later this year.
BMA Wales negotiator Dr David Bailey blamed an inadequate rise in funds for prescribing: ``Despite the recognised enormous drug costs associated with the implementation of the national service frameworks, no extra money has been put into the pot.
And a separate programme for national service frameworks will be set up in addition to existing guidelines.
The General Practioners Committee (GPC) is to write to all 27,000 family doctors in England about the National Service Frameworks (NSFs) which are causing the problem.

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