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Kurien said sex selection by a medicine or even pre- natal sex determination was against the law and the Constitution, but the Chair cannot do anything about it.
Transgender describes individuals whose natal sex, gender identity and gender expression are incongruent.
Transition refers to the process of physical and psychosocial adjustment undertaken by some persons with GD to achieve greater congruence between the natal sex and their experienced gender.
Discussion also explores ways one's internal sense of gender is not always in agreement with natal sex.
In Part I, "The Origin and Formation of Sexuality," the Balswicks first lay a foundation of the "biological and sociocultural contributors," thereto identifying the four dimensions of sexuality as being natal sex, sexual identity, gender role, and sexual orientation.
The remarks came on the same day that Brihanmumgation, bai Municipal Corporation ( BMC) officials paid a second visit to the actor's residence to look into reports that he and his wife Gauri got a pre- natal sex determination test, which is illegal in India, conducted on the baby.