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A mathematical model shows that the average selfie, taken about 12 inches from the face, makes the nasal base appear about 30% wider and the nasal tip 7% wider than if the photograph had been taken at 5ft, a standard portrait distance.
Her nose has a straight nasal profile and refined nasal tip that does not only make her look gorgeous but also gives her that girl next door impression.
Do certain locations like the nasal tip get treated more often?
Nasal tip support: a finite element analysis of the role of the caudal septum during tip depression.
We did a two-staged reconstruction with nasolabial flaps for a defect involving the columella, nasal tip and mucosal lining of both alae.
He says there's a trend in the latter of reducing the hump of the bridge and making the nasal tip smaller.
She had frontal bossing, telecanthus, slightly depressed nasal bridge and prominent nasal tip.
Asymmetry of the three-dimensional nasal structure creates an obvious deformity that largely contributes to the cleft stigmata, particularly the nasal tip and alar base.
The depressor septi nasi was released by blunt dissection in patients with a drooping nasal tip.
The clinical examination revealed nystagmus with abnormal eye movements, small optic discs, frontal bossing, upturned nasal tip, recurrent episodes of hyperpnoea and developmental delay.
Coarse atypical facies were noticed with a prominent forehead, deep set eyes, broad nasal bridge, wide fleshy nasal tip and mild prognathism as shown in Figure -1a and b.
A 3 1/2-year-old Caucasian female presented to her primary care physician with a prominent nasal tip lesion.