nasal region

na·sal re·gion

the region of the nose.
Synonym(s): regio nasalis [TA]
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A rare congenital intranasal polyp: mesenchymal chondrosarcoma of the nasal region.
Most of these rare, benign, congenital rumors are found in the nasal region, particularly at the bridge of the nose and in the nasal cavity.
When his cauterization tool sparked, the oxygen ignited causing severe second and third degree burns to the plaintiff's face and nasal region.
In all of these reports, metastases of HCC to the nasal region have diverse presentations.
2) Although neurilemmomas commonly affect the head and neck area, only 4% arise from the nasal region.
They spread from the nasal region into the pharyngeal region and can lead to lower respiratory infection leading to pneumonia and possible death.
The DSI irrigator reaches the middle turbinate and other nasal regions with side irrigation that will flush the turbinates and even the maxillary sinus, through the hiatus semilunaris, as well as other posterior nasal regions.
Delivering medicine to targeted deep nasal regions has been widely recognized as a way to try and improve treatment of disease.
Some individuals carry MRSA in their nasal regions, an area that permits transmission by sneezing or hand-to-environment, when one uses a tissue to blow one's nose.