nasalis muscle

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na·sa·lis mus·cle

(nā-sā'lis mŭs'ĕl)
Compound muscle consisting of: a transverse part (pars transversa musculi nasalis, musculus compressor naris) arising from the maxilla above the root of the canine tooth on each side and forming an aponeurosis across the bridge of the nose; and an alar part (pars alaris musculi nasalis, musculus dilator naris) arising from the maxilla above the lateral incisor and attaching to the wing of the nose; the alar part dilates the nostril; nerve supply, facial.
Synonym(s): musculus nasalis [TA] , nasal muscle.
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Treatment consisted of high-frequency transcutaneous and intranasal electric stimulation of nasal muscles for 15 minutes, 3 times a week for 10 weeks.
In evaluating patients with nasoseptal deformities, chronic rhinitis, hay fever, acute or chronic sinusitis, nasal allergy, scarring from burns or trauma, Bell's palsy, stroke, senile atrophic changes of upper and lower cartilages and nasal muscles, and other disorders that can affect function of the nasal valve, a surgeon may suggest septorhinoplasty, implants, or suspension sutures to relieve obstructed nasal breathing.
The nasal muscles are also differentiated at approximately 80 mm.