nasal emission

na·sal e·mis·sion

(nā'zăl ē-mish'ŭn)
speech pathology The sound of air forcefully flowing through the nose during speech (as opposed to nasal resonance), usually due to poor valving between the oral and nasal cavities, as in cleft palate.
See: hypernasality
Synonym(s): nasal escape.
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Yesterday, Google linked to 35 news outlets reporting on her mid-performance nasal emission during a gig in New York - including Slate magazine's piece titled: "I was there when Beyonce sneezed on stage, and it was a marvel".
The nasogram, therefore, can provide a biofeedback of nasal snort and audible nasal emission which may be used during speech therapy [12].
Keywords: Velopharyngeal closure, muscle treatment, nasal emission, hypernasality.
Audible nasal emission is the auditory perception or air passing through the nose during the production of a pressure sound.
Subjects who can eliminate or reduce nasal emission and hypernasality are stimulable and candidates for behavioral treatment.
Other clinician (Cole, 1971, 1979; D'Antonio, 1989; Morris, 1992) have proposed that inconsistent nasal emission and/or hypernasality be used as prognostic indicators.