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The financing of terrorist activities through illegal drug trafficking
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While foreign terrorist groups are generally assumed to have some infrastructure in place in the United States, only the narcoterrorists have an active network of operatives already engaged in violence in our communities.
Therefore, JIATF-S must target specific missions and clearly define their objectives, to include detecting, monitoring, and targeting narcoterrorists and the drugs they profit from.
A 30-member police patrol, led by three captains, who were supposed to carry out a joint effort with the Navy and the Air Force, were ordered to go to the area where the narcoterrorists had downed the helicopter in which Capt.
0 million to continue to support the comprehensive campaign against drug trafficking and narcoterrorists as part of Plan Colombia.
To give the public a seeming interest in the whole wretched racket and thus to dull their awareness of being victimized, the contractors also spend substantial amounts of money cultivating the public's yearning to have the military dish out death and destruction to designated human quarry around the world--commies, gooks, ragheads, Islamo-fascists, narcoterrorists, and so forth--who are said to threaten the precious American way of life.
declare the president's intent to disregard provisions of bills he has signed into law that he proclaims are unconstitutional, for example, a requirement to obtain a judicial warrant before opening mail or a prohibition on employing military force to fight narcoterrorists in Colombia.
There are a lot of narcoterrorists using the narcotics trade to supply money to terrorist groups," said Lt.
Brazil, Colombia and other Andean nations are increasing cooperation to jointly combat narcoterrorists operating within and across their borders, which is a good thing.
Collings interviewed the independent journalists--often self-employed, working under life-threatening circumstances--who take on organized crime, military dictators, and narcoterrorists.