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The financing of terrorist activities through illegal drug trafficking
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For many national analysts, the fundamental issue is the need to change the policy in the fight against narcoterrorism.
In the last few years, Iran and the United States have shared similar views on combating narcoterrorism in Afghanistan and have participated in the meetings with other Central Asian Republics and Russia (known as the "six-plus-two talks") regarding the course of events in the area.
Department of State's latest available advisory, updated in June 1999, warns against travel to Colombia because of high crime, guerrilla and paramilitary activities and narcoterrorism.
The term narcoterrorism best describes the symbiotic relationship between international criminal drug trafficking organizations and terrorists, who seek to destabilize the international system.
The second most dangerous country is Colombia where, as in Mexico, the co-operation between leftist terrorists, drug traffickers and corrupt government officials has evolved into a narcoterrorism that has cost the lives of more than 50 journalists.
government turns away from confronting the Evil Empire in order to tackle Colombian narcoterrorism, Bush decided to do the same thing.
The change was primarily the result of an increase in demand for intra-theater transportation services in Iraq and Afghanistan, construction services in Iraq under the INL Air Wing program, and increased demand for flight hours under the Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Officer ("CNTPO") contract.
ACADEMI was contracted by the United States Department of Defense Counter Narcoterrorism Program Office (CNTPO) to provide a comprehensive flight training system for UH-60L and UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters provided to the government of Mexico by the United States.
On July 26, 2011, Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY), and DEA Administrator Leonhart, announced the unsealing of 2 indictments resulting from 2 DEA narco-terrorism undercover operations: first, an indictment against Siavosh HENAREH, Bachar WEHBE, and Cetin AKSU for conspiring to provide various forms of support to Hezbollah; second, an indictment against Taza Gul Alizai ("GUL") for narcoterrorism conspiracy, narco-terrorism, and heroin importation related to his supplying of 15 kilograms of heroin and 6 AK-47 assault rifles to a DEA confidential source whom GUL believed represented the Taliban.
Is it narcoinsurgency, narcoterrorism, or a crime wave that is gripping Mexico?
Raytheon is a supplier of proven multidomain awareness systems in support of counter- narcoterrorism technology networks, infrastructure and capabilities worldwide that focus on the detection, identification, and disruption of narcoterrorist activities and organizations.