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Durust said that Nadir gave reassurances that he will do his best for the growth of northern Cyprus.
Nadir Syed will be sentenced on a date to be confirmed.
Nadir has issued commands about Eid Ghadir that Shiites marked as the guardianship of Ali (peace be upon him).
The addition of Nadir and Marcus gives us added strength and depth, as they bring with them strong local track records.
Mr Justice Holroyde, sitting at the Old Bailey, rejected his claims of poverty and said he believed Nadir had money stashed away.
The first phase of the Nadir Hill excavation took place in 2011, resulting in the exposure of human bones which were dated at 7,000 years old.
Old Bailey judge Mr Justice Holroyde said Nadir stole the money out of "pure greed" and that his behaviour had contributed to PPI crashing.
Nadir became Britain's most notorious fugitive, spending 17 years in his native northern Cyprus rather than face fraud and theft charges, before he returned to the UK two years ago in the hope of clearing his name.
The judge added that Nadir blamed everyone except himself for his downfall, using stolen cash to fund an already extravagant lifestyle.
Nadir, who was once 36th on the Sunday Times Rich List, was found guilty of ten counts of theft from the Stock Exchange high performer between 1987 and 1990.
The former fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir has been given a 10-year sentence at the Old Bailey for stealing millions of pounds from his Polly Peck business empire.
However, in a statement, the party insisted the money had not come from Nadir but from his company.