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See myoma.


(mi-o'ma) ('ma-ta) plural.myomasmyomata [ myo- + -oma]
A tumor containing muscle tissue. See: chondromyoma; leiomyomamyomatous (-tus), adjective

myoma striocellulare


myoma telangiectoides


myoma uteri

Uterine leiomyoma.
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Indications for the procedure included symptomatic myomas of the uterus, a desire to retain the uterus and/or a fear of surgery.
Absent the suspicious findings, clinicians can recommend conservative or surgical management of the myomas as they deem appropriate without fear that they will miss a leiomyosarcoma, she said.
From the prints, comparisons were made of the arteriolar intimal and medial layers in GnRHA-treated myomas and those of age-matched controls.
There are two components to myoma development; first the transformation of normal myocytes to abnormal myocytes and their growth into clinically apparent tumors.
The myomas removed from the robot-assisted group were significantly heavier than were those from the laparoscopic group but lighter than those in the abdominal group.
Europe and several other countries to the in vitro fertilization market, and has positively completed six Phase II clinical trials for endometriosis, uterus myoma and enlarged prostate (BPH).
For example, a patient with a 12- to 14-week-size uterus may not be a good candidate for robotic myomectomy if on the MR image the uterus has innumerable myomas without a clearly defined cleavage plane between the tumors.
TSX: AEL; NASDAQ: AELA), along with its wholly-owned subsidiary Zentaris GmbH, today announced statistically significant positive results from a recently completed Phase II clinical program designed to evaluate cetrorelix, a luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) antagonist, in three different indications: endometriosis, pre-surgical treatment of uterine myomas and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), that can benefit from a targeted and controlled decrease in sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone.
Contraindications also include myomas that are larger than 3 cm and/or situated more than 50% within the myometrium.
The resection of submucosal myomas transcervically is a less invasive approach than are other surgical procedures.
Differential Diagnosis Nonobstetric Conditions Obstetric Conditions Urinary calculi Preterm labor Cholelithiasis Abruptio placentae Cholecystitis Chorioamnionitis Bowel obstruction Adnexal torsion Gastroenteritis Ectopic pregnancy Mesenteric adenitis Pelvic inflammatory disease Colonic carcinoma Round ligament pain Rectus hematoma Uteroovarian vein rupture Acute intermittent porphyria Carneous degeneration of myomas Perforated duodenal ulcer Uterine rupture (placenta percreta; rudimentary horn) Pneumonia Meckel's diverticulum Source: Dr.