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Pertaining or relating to myofibril.


pertaining to a myofibril.

myofibrillar ATPase
muscle enzyme which can be stained histochemically to aid in the differentiation between type I and type II muscle fibers.
myofibrillar hypoplasia
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23) Secondly, possible cytokine overproduction demonstrated in CHF (14) may bring about both myofibrillar and somatic proteolysis.
Propranolol, a blocker of [beta]-adrenergic receptors, also exhibits various muscular side effects, including myopathy, (8) weakness, (7) myotonia, (11) muscle cramps, (9) neuromuscular depression, (12) myofibrillar disruption, (10) or elevated CK levels.
Pietrasik and Shand (2004) also reported tumbling marination treatment facilitated the extraction and solubilization of myofibrillar proteins, allowing more moisture to be bound by the SSP, thus increasing the product yield and assuring better textural properties.
Impaired myofibrillar energetics and oxidative injury during human atrial fibrillation.
1998) Muscle fiber type-specific myofibrillar actomyosin Ca2+ ATPase activity in multiple sclerosis.
A research note on factors affecting the determination of myofibrillar fragmentation.
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Aging also results in decreased synthesis of myofibrillar components, increased production of catabolic cytokines, atrophy, and altered muscle metabolism [18-21].
Two inotropes with different mechanisms of action: contractile, PDE-inhibitory and direct myofibrillar effects of levosimendan and enoximone.
Myofibrillar disruption has been shown at the electron micrographic level; (38,39) however, changes in morphology at the light microscopic level have not been reported.
Thermomolding is the most widespread technology and has been used on soy protein [5], corn zein [6], wheat gluten [7], or fish myofibrillar proteins [8], for example.