Muscular degeneration.
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The parasite targets the adductor muscle and causes progressive myodegeneration.
The cause was established in seven of eight cases and included cervical intervertebral disk protrusion, skull fracture, neurogenic atrophy, and dystrophic myodegeneration.
Focal myodegeneration was present within the skeletal pectoral musculature.
At higher doses, hepatic degeneration may be rapidly fatal before myodegeneration has time to develop (14,16,23,24).
Experimentally, high doses of the plant (10 g/kg body weight daily for 3 days) induce acute liver degeneration and death before myodegeneration has time to develop (11,13).
Changes in GSH-Px and muscle enzyme activities in lambs with nutritional myodegeneration following a single treatment with sodium selenite.
1983) report myodegeneration in discolored, flaccid sea scallops adductor muscle; however, other properties of the weak muscle problem, such as those of a biochemical origin, have not been investigated to date.
Significant pectoral muscle lesions in treated pigeons by day included myodegeneration (P < .
6 (0-1) nonsuppurative Pectoral muscles Myodegeneration 0.
High doses of the plant induce liver degeneration and death before myodegeneration has time to develop (19-21).
In most species liver and muscle enzymes are markedly raised and histopathology shows features of microscopic myodegeneration and moderate centrilobular necrosis and fatty degeneration in liver (19,20).
5%; the tags did not significantly affect growth, and myodegeneration and melanization in surrounding musculature tissue were also low (Shepherd unpubl.