The dried beetle, Mylabris phalerata; a vesicant similar to cantharis.
[G. a cockroach found in mills and bakehouses, fr. mylē, mill]
A Chinese ‘herb’—dried body of the Chinese blister beetle—which, like Spanish fly, contains cantharidin, and is allegedly useful in managing liver cancer


The scientific name for a genus of blister beetle, several species of which (Mylabris phalerata and M. cichorii) have been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a vesicant and antitumor agent. Skin exposure to the crushed body of the beetle results in contact dermatitis. The blistering agent in the beetle, cantharides, is also known as Spanish fly.
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Similar results were reported by Asiwe 10] where butterflies (Lepidoptera), moths (Lepidoptera), Mylabris spp.