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But neither the myelogram nor disc surgery is foolproof.
CBC, serum chemistry, serology, toxicology tests, radiographs, myelogram, MRI, and CT.
2 ml of iohexol was injected, if necessary, to achieve adequate contrast for a diagnostic myelogram, and final radiographs were obtained.
If a myelogram is performed, a high-grade block may be present that can cover several continuous segments of the spinal cord.
The stallion was found to be suffering from a spinal-cord compression due to arthritic changes in the vertebrae after a myelogram was performed on him on Sunday.
One reason the diagnosis is missed is that the initial diagnostic test (the bone scan, CT scan, myelogram, or MRI) is misread by the radiologist or nuclear medicine specialist.
the director's suspicion: It was the myelogram dye.
I assure my patients that they will not die from their disease, or be paralyzed from their surgery, or never walk again after their myelogram, as their well intended "friends" implied, nay, insisted
Although one might expect a history of recent myelogram to be readily available from patients presenting with headache, the authors' experience is that such details occasionally may not be immediately available when the myelogram has been performed at another medical facility.
The following tests were performed: barium swallow, barium meal, barium enema, hexabrix swallow, gastrografin meal, voiding cystourethrogram, fistulogram, myelogram, nephrostomy and loopogram.
An independent review of the patient's experience noted that the hospital had missed the tumor a second time on a myelogram and a third time on an MR image because the sacral area was not included, despite a neurologist's request that the entirety of the spine be viewed.
During the course of jury deliberations, the jury requested the plaintiff's complete medical records including MRIs, CTs, myelogram and a light box.