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Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians, New York, who adds that, today, young mothers of small children are facing mutilating surgery, debilitating chemotherapy, and even death.
The use of adjuvant chemotherapy with radiotherapy is gaining popularity because it reduces the need for mutilating surgery in the head and neck due to RMS.
Frantz's tumor: is mutilating surgery always justified in young patients.
In patient 1, trimonthly examinations during a 2-year follow-up revealed no aggravation, thus confirming that mutilating surgery is not always indicated.
He added: "Sharon and Jacqueline were only young women when they faced what is, by any standards, mutilating surgery.
Although long-term survival data will take years to gather, Bonadonna says, "Let's begin to dismantle the mutilating surgery.
The objectives in using hyperthermia therapy to treat children are: "(1) improvement of local tumor control, (2) avoidance of mutilating surgery and (3) improvement of survival," according to Rudiger Wessalowski, Associate Professor at the Clinic of Pediatric Oncology and head of the university's hyperthermia program.
The surgical ablation must be individualized because radically mutilating surgery does not appear to improve the prognosis in highly aggressive tumors.