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He stared mutely at me, and I saw the wisdom in his eyes, born in our shared years, and then I got it.
I renew my hope that the international community will not assist mutely and inertly to such an unacceptable crime," he said in the message, which will be delivered to the Jordanian Church by the secretary of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Nunzio Galantino.
Instead she marched her hero mutely to the market to
But Russia has made it known that it will not tolerate such a scenario mutely and is already showing what it can do, with Ukraine as a curtain-raiser.
Once again, agony combines with ecstasy, enveloping a now mutely grateful August: "He's still not capable of putting what he feels into words.
As our own final speech act, one last gesture toward what a digital abject might be (although perhaps be is not the right term, since here, like Gorgias, we're moving closer to nonbeing, or at least being-otherwise), we leave you with the imaginary scenario of one who says not just (like Hamlet), "The rest is silence," but who somehow, mutely or stuttering, obscenely or in deus ex machine code, speaks his or her own death--that is, speaks from a position (always inarticulable, elsewhere, somewhere else) of being dead, and in so doing reveals what it is to speak at all.
Questionable as this is, it's outweighed by Attebery's peculiar readings of Lewis himself, mutely passing on Laura Miller's reading of a cognitive dissonance between Narnia and the Christianity it's supposed to express as evidence that Narnia is "much less Christian, perhaps than Lewis intended," without considering that Lewis's whole purpose was to demonstrate that Christianity can be more than the "boredom, subjugation, and reproach" that Miller found in school (qtd.
And every day it is Aleppo, which is being pounded by barrel bombs, and other sites across the country, struck with a ferocity seemingly reserved for civilians and moderate rebels -- for when the regime occasionally decides to strike ISIS, it does so rather mutely.
This is an intimate grief, one, as Stewart points out in her introduction, that we are only allowed to follow mutely and only by accepting the poet's terms.
But if the alternative is to mutely accept her behaviour as suitable for young kids, there seems little option.
Hulks litter the hillside, a gallery of British tank design since 1945 interspersed with Warsaw Pact T55s, presumably lifted as booty from the First Gulf War, their long barrels pointing mutely into the grey.