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(mŭs′tăsh′, mə-stăsh′)
1. The hair growing on the human upper lip, especially when cultivated and groomed.
2. Something similar to the cultivated, groomed hair on the human upper lip, as:
a. A group of bristles or hairs about the mouth of an animal.
b. Distinctive coloring or feathers near the beak of a bird.
c. Food or drink sticking conspicuously to the upper lip: wiped the milk mustache from my face.

mus′tached (mŭs′tăsht, mə-stăsht′) adj.
References in classic literature ?
And for one instant he saw again the man with mustaches like dark horns leap up on to the bridge and disappear.
He's got twenty-four hours' start; his mustaches will disappear, and then he will disappear.
Gold & Green, Merry Mustache (an argyle-inspired red with mustache pattern), Santa Rex festively wearing Santa hats and Christmas lights.
As part of the movement, Matthew Murphy, owner/founder of Do Valle, a premier wine distribution company located in Branford, CT, is encouraging his employees, staff and customers state-wide to “Shave the Date” and support the Movember movement by growing a mustache for the 30-days of November.
The Art of Shaving is calling on the members of the "brotherhood of shaving" across the country to register to grow and recruit, and pledges to donate all proceeds for each Mustache Trim ($15) to Movember.
Maduro's mustache was indeed a central symbol in the election, and even something of an internet meme," said Ciccariello-Maher, who is also an Assistant Professor of History & Politics at Drexel University in Philadelphia.
New York, March 9( ANI ): More than 1,500 attendees at the annual Michigan laugh festival have broken the world record for false mustache wearing.
In many cultures a large mustache is seen as manly.
The lowly mustache was once a fixture above the lips of countless prominent politicians and porn actors but since "Dewey Defeats Truman" and the collapse of Tom Selleck's career, the poor mustache has been abandoned to the care of City Councilman Richard Alarcon - a man who wrote the book on abandonment.
TAIF: A man filed a lawsuit in a court in this southwestern Saudi city, but the judge in the case refused to continue unless the man removed his long mustache.
In 2000, MilkPEP decided to concentrate funds of the National Milk Mustache campaign on areas providing the best opportunity to increase milk sales.