Gueneau de Mussy

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Gué·neau de Mus·sy

(gā-nō' dĕ mū-sē'),
Noël F.O., French physician, 1813-1885. See: Guéneau de Mussy point.
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WALKIES: From left, Steph Wood from Butterwick Hospice, Billy Charlton with Lucky, Rita Burugh with Nikki, Darren Fawcett with Ellie and Fern, Alan Fawcett with Noah Fawcett and Mussy, Stephen Fawcett, and Alan Fawcett Sr with Betty Picture by KATIE LUNN
The 2001 About-Picard law, which permits dissolution of cults, was used in November 2004 to convict Arnaud Mussy, founder of the group Neo-Phare, of fraudulently abusing the ignorance and weakness of his followers.
Mussy Izzet created a simple chance for Trevor Benjamin, who failed to get enough power behind his six-yard header which James Walker blocked and Darren Bazeley hammered clear.
Mussy claimed to be the reincarnation of Christ and made several predictions in 2000 regarding the pending apocalypse; one of his adherents killed himself and two other followers attempted suicide allegedly because of the state of mind brought on by Mussy's manipulation.