Gueneau de Mussy

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Gué·neau de Mus·sy

(gā-nō' dĕ mū-sē'),
Noël F.O., French physician, 1813-1885. See: Guéneau de Mussy point.
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Es cierto, como senalaba de Mussy, que en su escritura no existe una defensa explicita de la comunidad gay, pero tampoco esta es una expectativa que pudiesemos tener de un escritor durante los anos 40, cuando todavia el movimiento homosexual no se articulaba alrededor de una agenda politica.
Obras completas, Compilacion, estudio y edicion de Luis G de Mussy R.
How he acts, how he sees you and what's important to him matter just as much as his mussy hair or outward charms.
The 2001 About-Picard law, which permits dissolution of cults, was used in November 2004 to convict Arnaud Mussy, founder of the group Neo-Phare, of fraudulently abusing the ignorance and weakness of his followers.
He's in almost every frame, and he transforms from a ragamuffin bottom feeder with bad clothes and a mussy exterior to a bug-eyed, razor-sharp robot with every hair in place and every button fastened.
Paul Dickov forced an early save from Evans, Brian Deane came close to converting a Jordan Stewart cross and then James Scowcroft thudded a Mussy Izzet corner over the bar courtesy of a Shefki Kuqi deflection.
Mussy claimed to be the reincarnation of Christ and made several predictions in 2000 regarding the pending apocalypse; one of his adherents killed himself and two other followers attempted suicide allegedly because of the state of mind brought on by Mussy's manipulation.
Mussy Izzet created a simple chance for Trevor Benjamin, who failed to get enough power behind his six-yard header which James Walker blocked and Darren Bazeley hammered clear.