auricular muscles

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auricular muscles

small muscles associated with the auricle, having little function in humans.
Synonym(s): musculi auriculares [TA]

au·ric·u·lar mus·cles

(aw-rikyū-lăr mŭsĕlz) [TA]
Small muscles associated with the auricle, having little function in humans.


pertaining to or emanating from the ear.

auricular cartilages
comprise the auricular, the main funnel-shaped cartilage, the annular, a C-shaped cartilage surrounding the external meatus, and the scutiform cartilage that lies on the surface of the temporal muscle.
auricular hematoma
bleeding of branches of the great auricular artery, usually caused by head shaking or trauma, result in hematoma formation between the skin on the inner side of the ear and auricular cartilage or in a cleavage within the cartilage. Common in dogs with otitis externa and foreign bodies of the ear canal, and in pigs with sarcoptic mange. Surgical drainage and fixation of tissues is the usual treatment.
auricular hillocks
small swellings on the embryonic visceral arches; the beginnings of the external ears.
auricular mange
infestation with ear mites. See otodectic mange.
auricular muscles
see Table 31G.
auricular plaque
hyperkeratotic, depigmented plaques of tissue on the inner aspect of the pinna of a horse's ears. They are verrucae plana or flat warts.
auricular points
in acupuncture, specific points on the ear, said to correspond with different parts of the body. Called also ear points.
auricular veins
see Table 15.