muscularis mucosae

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mus·cu·la·ris mu·co·'sae

Avoid the misspelling/mispronunciation muscularis mucosa.
The thin layer of smooth muscle found in most parts of the digestive tube located between the lamina propria and the submucosa.

mus·cu·la·ris mu·co·sae

(mŭs-kyū-lā'ris myū-kō'sē)
The thin layer of smooth muscle found in most parts of the digestive tube located outside the lamina propria mucosae and adjacent to the tela submucosa.

muscularis mucosae

Smooth muscle tissue of a mucous membrane.
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Cases 1, 5, 7, 10, and 11 lacked muscularis mucosae on deeper levels for which calretinin IHC was performed (Table 1).
Crypt distortion was categorized as 1, crypt atrophy (presence of inflammatory infiltrate between muscularis mucosae and crypt); 2, pointed crypts (triangular diamond-shaped, or quadrangular crypts); and 3, other architectural irregularities (2 or more than 2 branched crypts and/or cystic crypts).
Duplication of the muscularis mucosae in Barrett esophagus: an underrecognized feature and its implication for staging of adenocarcinoma.
They are intramural proliferations that push against the muscularis mucosae, eventually disrupting it and extending into the mucosa, often ulcerating.
2] of muscularis mucosae in order to define the absolute numbers in a 3-dimensional fashion, (65,77,79-81,83) which, in day-to-day practice, is far too time-consuming and unpractical to be applied to routine pathology.
Mucin dissecting in the wall is acceptable provided that the muscularis mucosae is intact.
The hallmark of prolapse at any site is the muscularization of the lamina propria with strands of smooth muscle stretching perpendicular to thickened muscularis mucosae (Figure 10).
Subsequently, in 1991, in a controlled study by Takubo et al, (13) also from Japan, the authors found that the double muscularis mucosae only occurred where there was Barrett mucosa; it occurred in 7 of the 8 cases of Barrett mucosa under study.
The mean diameter of pathologic arteries at the level of muscularis mucosae was found to be 1.
4) Thin wisps of muscularis mucosae may extend in a radial arrangement toward the surface epithelium.
Colorectal adenomas containing invasive adenocarcinoma that extends through the muscularis mucosae into the submucosa have been defined as "malignant polyps.