muscular relaxant

mus·cu·lar re·lax·ant

(mŭs'kyū-lăr rē-laks'ănt)
An agent that relaxes striated muscle; includes drugs acting at the brain or spinal cord level or directly on muscle; also called muscle relaxant.
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On the other hand, it has been shown that cisatracurium, an antinicotinic muscular relaxant agent that exhibits anticholinesterase activity in its molecules at clinical concentration (Bornia et al.
In fact, current study shows that atropine improved the Fade caused by cisatracurium by mitigating more the reduction in A than in B values caused by muscular relaxant in R (B/A) parameter.
fade] and Fade) caused by non-depolarizing agents exhibiting anticholinesterase activity in their molecules may be determined by mechanisms different from those involved with the fades causing muscular relaxants without anticholinesterase activity (Pereira et al.
It is also possible that the threshold to muscular relaxant of different genders is different, or the amount or construction of N2-acetylcholine receptor cation channel is various between man and woman.
However, the onset time of atracurium is slower than suxamethonium and some other non-depolarization muscular relaxants.
In the present study elenoside was given to rats at doses of 25 and 50 mg/kg, and its effects on locomotor activity (Varimex test), muscular relaxant activity, open-field test and with chlorpromazine, 10 mg/kg was compared.
In test concerning muscular relaxant activity, the elenoside produced loss of muscular tone in the traction test with the doses employed.
This acts as a muscular relaxant, reducing tension and spasm, as well as easing anxiety and nervous overactivity.
Yasunobu Handa, a part-time doctor at the hospital in Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, believed the sudden changes in the patients' conditions were due to their intravenous drips being laced with muscular relaxant by Mori, the prosecutors said.
Antagonists Common medications for regular use (narcotic drugs and psychotropic muscular relaxants medicines - 6 lots): Lot 1 - ketamine hydrochloride injection, 50 mg / mL to 2 mL; Lot 2 - Morphine Hydrochloride Solution for injection 1% 1 ml; Lot 3 - hydroxybutyrate sodium solution for injection, 200 mg / ml to 10 ml; Lot 4 - trimeperidine injection, 20 mg / ml to 1 ml; Lot 5 - Diazepam injection, 5 mg / ml and 2 ml; Lot 6 - Fentanyl injection, 0.
When ZEMURON (rocuronium bromide) is administered to these patients, shorter durations of neuromuscular block may occur, and infusion rates may be higher due to the development of resistance to non-depolarizing muscular relaxants.