muscular endurance

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mus·cu·lar en·du·rance

(mŭs'kyū-lăr en-dūr'ăns)
Ability of muscles to exert tension over an extended period.
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Another interesting finding from the analyses howed that male Kinesiology students display significantly higher muscular endurance when compared to the criterion standard.
This is one of those muscular endurance movements that prepare you for a long, grueling volleyball match.
13) Type I fibers contribute to muscular endurance while IIb fibers function primarily to generate strength and power.
Muscular strength relates to the maximum force a muscle can generate in a single contraction, while muscular endurance relates to the ability of a muscle to generate force repeatedly.
Emphasizes Core Strength, Control, Correct Placement, Muscular Endurance, and Balance.
NO2 generates nitric oxide to enhance muscle strength, boost power and improve muscular endurance when used in conjunction with regular training.
The continuous movement can be a good aerobic workout, improving your lung and heart capacity as well as muscular endurance.
By helping our drivers to improve the muscular endurance of their upper bodies and increase their lower body strength, they will better handle the physical steering and braking pressures of Formula One racing.
The physical training had to be focused on cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance.
Here are a few to repeat daily for muscular endurance.
His work with muscular endurance has also led him to care for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients.
They don't have the muscular endurance for slow repetitive movements.

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