muscles of thorax

mus·cles of tho·rax

the muscles attaching to the rib cage including the pectoral muscles, serratus anterior, subclavius, and levator muscles, intercostal muscles, transverse thoracic muscle, subcostal muscles, and diaphragm.
Synonym(s): musculi thoracis [TA]
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After 24 h the muscles of thorax and legs of the decomposing flies had changed from a nearly white tissue to a juicy, red-brownish mass that emanated a pungent "rotten meat" odor.
Robbins said the types of surgical intrusions completed during the trials included separation of planar adhesions, pleurectomy with removal of entire lung or lobe, separation of interlobar sulci, dissection of muscles of thorax and intercostal muscles, welding of segmental arteries and veins (welding of the distal ends), atypical planar marginal resection of a lung, lymphodissection preserving continuity of the gland's coat and precision removal of tumors and tuberculomas in lungs.