muscle fascicle

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mus·cle fas·ci·cle

a bundle of muscle fibers surrounded by perimysium.
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MTJ angle was made by the tendon of insertion and muscle fascicle (MTJ angle) of MG (Kumamoto et al.
As the spine becomes flexed the erector spinae increase muscle fascicle length by an average of 39% of that in a neutral lumbar posture (Macintosh et al 1993).
Histological analysis of the insertion of the superior lateral pterigoid muscle fascicle at articular disk
Relationship between sprint performance and muscle fascicle length in female sprinters.
Distribution of pathology around the edge of a muscle fascicle, with comparative sparing of the interior of the fascicle.
2001) Relationship between sprint performance and muscle fascicle length in female sprinters.
Because it has the advantages of being stable, easy to use, nonionizing, and capable of recording activities from deep muscles without cross talk from adjacent muscles [25], ultrasonography has been used to detect muscle thickness changes [26-27], pennation angle [28-29], cross-sectional area [30-31], and muscle fascicle length [32-34] both in static and quasi-static conditions during the past decades.
Although biochemical properties (myosin ATPase activity) are important in determining maximal shortening velocity of muscle (Barany, 1967), however, muscle architectural characteristics such as muscle fascicle length have been shown to play an important role in modulating biochemical effects (Blazevich, 2006; Sacks and Roy, 1982; Spector et al.
It is this pattern of normal muscle fascicles interspersed with infiltrating fibrous tissue that leads to the classic "checkerboard" pattern of proliferative myositis.
18,21) This presentation contrasts with typical normal muscle appearing as a hypoechoic background of muscle fascicles separated by clearly demarcated linear hyperechoic strands representing fibroadipose septa-perimysium.
Microscopically, the tumour is composed of variable sized micronodules of muscle fascicles with marked hydropic change.
In addition, at this joint angle muscle fascicles were at a configuration that allowed for the full visualization of the muscle fascicles in most evaluations at the ultrasound images.