muscle bundle

mus·cle bun·dle

a group of muscle fibers ensheathed by connective tissue (perimysium).
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The e1, e2, and e3 values represent diffusivity along the long axis of a muscle fiber, along the muscle bundle in the direction of the endomysium, and along the cross-section of the muscle fiber, respectively.
Therapeutic stretching leads to relief 2A Circumscribed Muscle bundle Negative or oedema longitudinal or larger only increase of muscle muscle group tone.
Another shared feature illustrated in the table is the histopathologic evidence of ischemic necrosis, or infarction, that is isolated to the papillary muscle bundle itself rather than involving the adjacent left ventricular myocardium (Figure 2a-b).
Additionally, atrial myocardial loop has been reported in which myocardial muscle bundle derived from atrial myocardium surrounds the vessel for three quarters of the circumference and returns to atrial myocardium.
This narrow muscle bundle runs parallel to the sternum, with fibres running at 90 degrees to the pectoralis major muscle.
Each perradial muscle bundle is comprised of nonstriated muscle fibers that splay out at its terminus below the nerve ring (Fig.
The muscle architecture was altered, and there was blurring of the margins between muscle bundles and an unsharp appearance to the contents of each muscle bundle.
465)) "If the presence of a tight muscle bundle is functionally associated with a spinal dysfunction that is correctable by SMT, it would consequently follow that the tight muscle bundle, and the associated higher EMG level, would diminish after the appropriate SMT.
After removal from the chamber, the intact muscle bundle was blotted and weighed to the nearest mg.
The analysis of the vestibular fold tissue revealed three distinct muscle bundles: a posterolateral layer, a thin anterolateral muscle and an anteromedial muscle bundle.
A load was applied, and the shortening of the muscle bundle was measured at chemical stimulation, using the same set-up as for the creep tests.