muscle balance

balance, muscle 

The status of the eye muscle function as represented by the phoria measurement. See heterophoria.
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Standing on the InBody for a quick non-invasive test provides users with their body fat percentage, BMR, segmental muscle balance, body water, progress graphs, and more.
Proper posture is important to maintain the well-being of the spine and muscle balance.
The basic problem is a loss of the normal muscle balance that Controls the patella.
Leucine is critical for achieving positive muscle balance and optimally supports muscle recovery after rigorous exercise.
For example, poor muscle balance (objective muscle balance test) or sensory fusion (fixation disparity) will affect depth perception and possibly aiming, both critical factors in sporting performance.
Botox should be customised to take into account the facial muscles you use most, your facial muscle balance, the shape of your eyes and face, and the look you want.
2002) Developments in the use of the hamstring/quadriceps ratio for the assessment of muscle balance.
The purpose of this study was to see if muscle balance is influenced by fatigue in a recordable way so that this information could later be used to create novel defensive activity strategies for MWUs.
You can also use alternate arms to offer some muscle balance and brace the abdominal area to give the abdominal muscles a workout.
The method focuses on restoring the natural curves of the spine and regaining muscle balance around the joints through breathing, pelvic placement, ribcage placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical spine placement.