muriatic acid

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hy·dro·chlor·ic ac·id (HCl),

(hī'drō-klōr'ik as'id),
Acid of gastric juice. The commercial product is used as an escharotic; the gas and the concentrated solution are strong irritants.
Synonym(s): muriatic acid

muriatic acid

Etymology: L, muria, brine, acidus, sour
hydrochloric acid.

muriatic acid

A nontechnical term for hydrochloric acid.
CAS # 7647-01-0
See also: acid

hy·dro·chlor·ic ac·id

(HCl) (hī'drō-klōr'ik as'id)
Acid of gastric juice; commercial product used as an escharotic.
Synonym(s): muriatic acid.
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The City Is Seeking Bids For Swimming Pool Chemicals, Muriatic Acid And Chlorine For Swimming Pools Maintained By The City.
The plant will produce a minimum of 100,000 dry short tons of caustic soda and 250,000 short tons of muriatic acid per year.
In 1785, he thought that oxidation of muriatic acid with manganese dioxide gave rise to oxymuriatic acid (chlorine), and in 1786 found that exposure of an aqueous solution of oxymuriatic acid to sunlight liberated oxygen and left behind muriatic acid.
Two people were cited on suspicion of illegal dumping early Monday morning after two dozen used hypodermic needles, sulfuric and muriatic acid, and large amounts of trash were found dumped in an alleyway behind two homes, sheriff's officials said.
The pH level can be lowered by adding muriatic acid (liquid) or sodium bisulfate (dry) in quantities that will be determined by the size of your pool and by the manufacturer's instructions.
Pool owners and professional pool cleaners need to dispose of old water correctly, and to neutralize wastewater containing chemicals such as chlorine and muriatic acid.
The ``acid bomb'' - made from muriatic acid wrapped in aluminum foil and placed into a 2-liter plastic orange soda bottle - was discovered about 1:25 p.
PPG's Natrium plant produces chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, muriatic acid and caustic soda, which are used in many applications that improve the quality of life, including purifying drinking water and in the production of most pharmaceuticals.
A former resident of a ``clean living'' home is facing a felony charge that he poisoned a flavored drink with muriatic acid - used for cleaning swimming pools - and left it for other residents to drink.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Muriatic Acid, White Phyniel, Black Phyniel, Bleeching Powder
Lythic SPD Protector was exposed to very strong acid - muriatic acid - and oil for a full 24 hours in laboratory testing.
The chemicals division is a major producer of sodium chlorate, chlorine, muriatic acid, and caustic soda.