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The unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought, either express or implied


n the intentional termination of another human being's life through physical (violent), chemical (poisoning, illicit drugs, etc.), or neglectful (abusive) means.

Patient discussion about murder

Q. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. Family and friend assumes that he is bipolar, but as yet he is not been diagnosed. He has answered yes to all the questions in a questionnaire to indicate bipolar. Bipolar do commit murder often and would he have been manic when he did it?

A. It is not uncommon for someone suffering with bipolar to commit crimes, mostly this happens in a manic state. His family can talk to his lawyer about getting him a pychological evaluation, if he is dagnosed bipolar they can begin to treat him. He will still be responsible for his actions but they can work with him to make him better. Good luck

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The murderess, who stabbed her fianc Lee Harvey 42 times in a frenzied attack, is due to be released from prison at any time and she has already been allowed out on shopping trips to prepare her for her re-introduction into society.
The night murderess Tracy returned to Weatherfield, freed from jail on a technicality, Corrie attracted one million more viewers than rival soap EastEnders.
The murderess even had sex with Martin, who was her mother's former partner, on the living room floor in front of injured Andrew.
A third ending sees murderess Natasha Wylde (Amanda Donohoe) confessing at the stand that she killed her late husband, while a fourth sees Maisie Wylde, Faye Lamb and Ryan Lamb celebrating outside court.
Nightclub singer Roxy Hart shoots her lover and has to fight to keep from Death Row with rival Velma Kelly, a double murderess.
The 'Pushing Daisies' star will take up the role of Bathory, who is known as the murderess with the biggest ever body count.
Strikes, perhaps for better pay and conditions at work but not murderess unprovoked rioting.
Some of Winslet's best work has been built around that theme, from her first major film role as a hysterical teenage murderess in Peter Jackson's 1994 ``Heavenly Creatures'' to this year's surreal dissection of love and memory, ``Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
The often grotesque details of their bodies also seemed more like culturally assigned attributes of womanhood than signs of innate femaleness: a hirsute, naked woman from a medieval woodcut; a medical illustration, which dates from around the 14th century, in which a woman conveniently lifts up her own abdominal skin so that we can see her insides; a steatopygic nude whose enlarge buttocks are echoed in the bustled form of the Victorian murderess opposite her These flattened forms were, in short, about as inviting to female identificatio as cartoon fringed holes.
Mya will play a sexy murderess named Mona, a part specifically tailored for her, and will be part of elaborate acting, singing and dance sequences with Zellweger and Zeta-Jones and Gere.
And minutes after she walks off into the night, a taxi pulls up bringing manipulative murderess Tracy (Kate Ford) to the scene.
Although the murderess claims she'll come round, when Becky finds Amy in the back yard of number one, Amy tells Becky she wants to come home.